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Sleep Routines, BMI, and Teen Health

Regular and age-appropriate bedtimes, which help with sufficient sleep, are beneficial for teens’ overall health and well-being, according to research from Penn State. The findings especially indicate that sleep routines and bedtimes can impact sleep and BMI in teen years. This highlights the importance of parenting practices in child and adolescent health, particularly as it relates to teenagers’ BMI and physical health. Westlake Village, CA dental sleep medicine consultants can help you understand the link between sleep and physical health better.

Researchers recommend that children’s bedtimes allow enough sleep, even if the child doesn’t fall asleep right away. These recommendations uphold current pediatric recommendations for children and adolescent sleep patterns. In addition, the study shows that good habits formed in childhood carry into adolescence. Ultimately, it is the sleep habits formed by parents from a young age that contribute to adolescents’ health and well-being.

The study drew information from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study, which included more than 2,000 subjects. Sleep habits were assessed at ages 5 and 9 from information collected from participants’ parents. BMI was calculated at age 15 for the participants to determine the connection between sleep patterns and adolescent health.

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