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Dental sleep medicine is one of the fastest growing services in the field of oral health. Why, because more and more people are being diagnosed with sleeping disorders.

As a dentist you want to help people so naturally this solution fits right into your wheelhouse as it’s the conservative way to help people sleep better. Dental sleep medicine can also save someone’s life.

What is Dental Sleep Medicine?

If you follow the DSM Blog you’ll have learned quite a bit about obstructive sleep apnea. You’ll know that OSA is a condition that causes a person to stop breathing while sleeping.

In some, the condition is so bad that it wakes the sufferer up as many as 30 times every hour. That’s a lot of disrupted sleep. With that being said, you can only imagine how the person with obstructive sleep apnea feels. Some of the symptoms associated with OSA include:

  • Snoring
  • Breathing Cessation
  • Dry Mouth
  • Morning Headaches
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Daytime Sleepiness
  • Gasping and Choking
  • Sore Throat in the Morning

To top all of the above off, untreated obstructive sleep apnea leads to other problems as well. Heart murmurs, heart attacks, stroke and other overall health problems are often a result of OSA.

Oral Appliance Therapy and More

DSM Solutions are the leaders in the field offering dental practices tools that diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea. While some dental practices offer OSA treatment, not many diagnose the condition.

It takes special training to become a dental practice that is allowed to both diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea.

DSM Solutions

Unlike some dental sleep medicine training centers DSM Solutions provides everything the dentist needs, but that’s not all.

With this training program your team learns right along with you. You won’t have to worry about getting your receptionist and hygienist up to speed when you become a client of DSM Solutions.

Everything your patients require is available from the experts in dental sleep medicine training.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training and More

One of the best things about DSM Solutions is customized solutions. The cookie cutter way is not an option.

You and your practice receive a personalized training system that diagnoses and treats one of the most misunderstood disorders on the planet. Sadly, people who live alone may not even know they have it as the breathing cessations only last a second or so.

If you would like to add a service that helps people to your menu, call or send a message and have a chat with DSM Solutions today.

Dental sleep medicine training is probably the best thing you can do for you and your patients. Firstly, you are helping them sleep better. Secondly, you just could save a life.

Adding a service to your menu is great. Not only will you attract new patients, but you will also learn something that you didn’t know before.

Nonetheless, unless you add a service that isn’t overrun in the marketplace, you might not get the dental patient flow that you had hoped for.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training

Dental sleep medicine training is something most dentists don’t offer and is a service that will attract more people to your dental practice. Best of all, these people will probably be patients that wouldn’t normally visit you for regular dental work.

Because dental sleep medicine is used for snoring and other sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, those suffering probably already have a dentist.

When you add DSM to your list of services you are gaining a new patient for solutions who just might decide to discontinue dental services with his current dentist and become a patient of yours.

As you can see it’s a win win when you invest in dental sleep medicine training for both you and your team.

It Takes Teamwork

Speaking of teamwork, DSM Solutions works with you and your entire team. This ensures that each and every member of your dental practice understands how to diagnose and treat.

The programs available from DSM Solutions are custom made to suit you and your practice. You and the team will enjoy the benefits of both virtual and in person training throughout the program and beyond. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about being left holding the reigns when you aren’t quite ready.

Working with the dental sleep medicine experts helps people overcome sleep disorders such as OSA. DSM helps patients, and potential ones, get a better nights sleep.

Don’t Forget your Patients

While you may think that’s a silly thing to say it really isn’t. Sometimes people get so wrapped up into something new that they forget to do what they have always been doing.

Market your new service to every patient you have. Sleep disorders and snoring can happen to anyone, but isn’t always something people like to talk about.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training

If you would like to learn more text DSM Solutions. The experts will help you and your team help others overcome sleep disorders and snoring with dental sleep medicine.

Call for more information today.


One of the best ways to help your patients is with dental sleep medicine. When you learn how to diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially deadly condition, you will be helping them live a healthier and potentially longer life.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

If you are an avid reader of the DSM Solutions Blog you’ll know that obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that affects billions of people all over the world.

If you have read most of the dental sleep medicine blogs you’ll also remember that OSA often goes undiagnosed, especially if the person affected sleeps alone.

Undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea often gets worse as the person can sometimes wake up gasping for breath dozens of times every hour. With that many cessations in breath you can only imagine what it can do to the heart and the rest of the body.

If a person does not know they have obstructive sleep apnea they risk the following:

OSA Risks:

  • Daytime Sleepiness
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Problems Staying Awake
  • Loss of Libido
  • Morning Headaches
  • Neck aches

OSA also increases the risk of irregular heartbeats and high blood pressure. People with obstructive sleep apnea are also in the high risk category for heart attack and stroke. People with atrial fibrillation tend to have a higher percentage of OSA as well.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training

While obstructive sleep apnea is a horrible condition there is something that you and your team can do about it and that something is called dental sleep medicine training.

With this training everyone in your practice will learn how to diagnose and treat this potentially deadly condition. There really isn’t a better service to offer patients.

DSM Solutions

DSM Solutions created its customized dental sleep medicine training company to help dental practices just like yours offer new services to patients that normally wouldn’t be attracted to the practice.

When you become a part of the solution you’ll be surprised at how much your practice will grow.

Oral Appliance Therapy

One of the most essential parts of the training program is oral appliance therapy. You and your team will learn how to treat OSA using splint and mouth guard therapy customized to the patient’s needs.

Oral appliance therapy is the alternative to CPAP therapy. If you are unfamiliar, CPAP therapy is the most popular treatment for OSA. Sadly, it often goes unused and that is where oral appliance therapy comes in.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training

If you would like to learn more about dental sleep medicine training for your dental practice, call or send a text and talk to DSM

Dental care is much different than it used to be. 100 years ago no one would have ever thought it was possible to change the color much less the shape of the smile.

Fast forward to 2021 and dental care is much more than teeth and gums.

These days dental care technology and DSM Solutions is raising the bar with dental products and services that were unheard of in the past.

The Future of Dental Care Technology

If what has gone on in the past twenty years is any indication the dental world will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. There is no question about it.

From dental implants to gummy smile lifts there is no stopping the future of dental technology. Consequently, the dental world is now seeing further advancements with dental sleep medicine.

Dental Sleep Medicine and Dental Care

Dental sleep medicine is used for people who snore and for people suffering from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Knowing how to diagnose and treat patients is an excellent way to help. Especially your existing patients and people who would never have scheduled an appointment.

Offering dental sleep medicine to patients and potential ones is an excellent way to grown your patient base as well.

Oral Appliance Therapy and Dental Sleep Medicine

Oral appliance and splint therapy is a huge part of dental sleep medicine. Consequently, you and your team will learn how to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA and also learn the best way to treat it.

During your training sessions with DSM Solutions you will also learn how to bill correctly. The experts who have invested years into dental sleep medicine will also show you how to implement this amazing service into your dental practice.

Snoring and Dental Sleep Medicine

Snoring, while it is a major sign of OSA, isn’t always associated with the disorder. In fact, some people who have obstructive sleep apnea may not snore at all. DSM Solutions explains that chronic snorers can also benefit from oral appliance therapy and dental sleep medicine as people who snore also have relaxed throat muscles.

If you have ever shared a bed, or a household with loud snorers, you will know how annoying it is.

With that being said, it is just as annoying and downright dangerous for the person who snores every time he or she falls asleep. Thankfully, you and your dental practice can help.

Dental Care and Sleep Medicine for Your Practice

If you would like to help more people and add and incredible service to your roster, call or send a direct message and talk to a consultant from DSM Solutions today.



Like most doctors you became one to help people. Helping people is the nature of the industry with practitioners always seeking new ways to provide comfort and service. One of those services is dental sleep medicine.

Dentists have a huge opportunity to offer people more than dental care with one of the most exciting opportunities available to dental practices.

That’s right, both dentists AND their teams will learn a new service that most practices in the area probably don’t offer. If they do, they probably don’t diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training

DSM Solutions has changed the game with an exciting service that will bring in a different kind of patient, a patient who wouldn’t necessarily visit your practice unless you offered what he or she needed. That service is dental sleep medicine.

Services that Help Your Practice Shine

DSM Solutions are the experts when it comes to dental sleep medicine. The experienced and thoughtful team understands that every practice is different.

That is why every dental practice receives a customized dental sleep medicine training package that is suited for the doctor and every member of the dental team.

That means that every team member is equipped to diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

If you are following along but aren’t sure what obstructive sleep apnea is, become a subscriber of the DSM Solutions blog. To summarize, obstructive sleep apnea, which is also called OSA, is a condition that happens to men, women and children although it is most common in men over 50 and men who are overweight.

OSA causes the sufferer to wake up gasping for breath because the throat closes while sleeping. The throat relaxes so much that the airways become narrow. This makes the brain wake the person up so that they can start breathing again.

Customized Dental Sleep Medicine Solutions

If you are unsure, do your research. It’s a fact that people would rather use an oral appliance than CPAP therapy. CPAP therapy is uncomfortable and often times goes unused making it a useless solution for obstructive sleep apnea.

The alternate OSA solutions that you and your team will learn will help people sleep better. Best of all, the solutions are actually treatments that people will use.

DSM for the Best Solution

If you would like to learn more about dental sleep medicine for your practice, call or send a text and talk to an expert from DSM Solutions today.


If you have been considering new services for your dental practice have you thought about dental sleep medicine training?

DSM Solutions specializes in dental sleep medicine training and will custom design a program that is created especially for you and your dental practice.

The unique programs offered by DSM Solutions do much more than others do. For example, you and your team not only learn how to identify obstructive sleep apnea, but you and your team will also learn how to treat it without surgery instead using oral appliance therapy.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training

The tools and support provided by DSM Solutions are like no other. The focused training sessions are both live and web-based. This gives you optimum support when it comes to learning everything you need to know about obstructive sleep apnea.

OSA is Dangerous

If you have been following the DSM Solutions Blog, you will remember that obstructive sleep apnea is a potentially deadly condition. The condition causes a person to wake up abruptly while sleeping.

This condition occurs throughout the night and can happen up to thirty times or more every hour. Because the brain notices that you aren’t breathing, it will wake you up so that you can catch a breath. This causes issues with your heart and other organs. In fact, people with severe OSA have noticed heart problems.

Your Time is Valuable

As dentists themselves, the team from DSM Solutions understands how valuable your time is. Adding a new service to your menu should be fun and educational, but it should also allow you to continue to work the way you normally do.

DSM Solutions will work around your daily schedule. You will meet with your teachers and instructors on the days that are convenient. Convenient for your entire dental practice, including your team members.

The Advantages of Dental Sleep Medicine Training

One of the biggest advantages of DSM Solutions is overall health. This type of service allows you to treat overall as well as oral health issues. In fact, you will probably see new patients coming through your door because you are offering something that most dental practices do not. This adds value to your dental practice. It also adds dental patient flow because you will be getting patients who will most likely start seeing you for dental care as well.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training

If you would like to learn more about dental sleep medicine training for your dental practice, call, send a text or a direct message to a team member from DSM Solutions today.


Most practicing dentists became doctors because they wanted to help people. These days it is even easier with all of the new services open to the dental world.

Things like custom made mouth guards for sports and oral appliances for temporormandibular disorders can help everyone. This also includes people who normally wouldn’t be attracted to your dental practice. It’s a new decade and DSM Solutions has taken things one-step further. With dental sleep medicine training you can really help people.

What is DSM Training for OSA?

Dental sleep medicine training teaches dental practices, doctors and the entire team. Everyone will learn how to diagnose and treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

OSA or obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that relaxes the back of the throat up to thirty times an hour or hundreds of times a night. Because the throat relaxes, the person can’t breathe waking up abruptly before falling back to a restless sleep.

While there is no one reason people suffer from OSA, people who are overweight, middle aged, post menopausal, men or people with large neck sizes are in the high-risk category. People who have a family history of obstructive sleep apnea, people with tonsils and adenoids, and people who take certain over the counter and prescription medications are also prone to OSA.

How Dental Sleep Medicine Training Works

According to the experts from DSM Solutions, dental sleep training works because the program teaches the whole team, not just the doctor or doctors. The courses are custom made and designed for each practice and include everything you and your team need to diagnose and treat OSA with dental sleep medicine. These hands on training courses even include training for billing and selling.

Dental Sleep Training for Your Dental Practice

If you are considering adding additional services to your menu, call now. Not only Dental sleep training an excellent source of income and an excellent source for new dental flow.

Call and schedule a complimentary consultation with DSM Solutions. Dental sleep medicine training is rewarding and fulfilling. Call or text for more information today.

If you are looking for a new service for your dental practice, contact DSM Solutions. Dental sleep medicine training is an excellent way to help people with solutions that work.

DSM Solutions helps you learn how to treat obstructive sleep apnea and also teaches you how to diagnose OSA. Regardless of practice size or where you are located DSM has the solution. 

What is Dental Sleep Medicine Training?

Dental sleep medicine training from DSM Solutions helps you treat mild to moderate OSA. The programs provide your patients with effective and comfortable solutions for OSA.

OSA is a condition that wakes people up while sleeping. This sometimes-fatal condition is often left untreated and that is where dental sleep medicine comes in.

Customized Solutions 

Customized programs are available to everyone whether you want to add additional solutions to your experienced OSA practice or are ready to start the process and become an OSA and oral appliance therapy provider. Wherever you are in the scheme of things, DSM Solutions has a customized program to suit your dental practice.

DSM offers a customized approach for each dental practice providing you and your team with the specific tools you need to help patients and to help your practice grow.

Dental Sleep Medicine Training for your Practice

Unlike some OSA sleep medicine training programs, DSM provides customized solutions, not a cookie cutter approach. Because each practice is different, each needs its own customized program for the doctor and the team.

DSM Saves Lives

DSM Solutions explains that as many as 25 percent of your patients are suffering from OSA and don’t even know it. Because your patients trust you and listen to you, adding obstructive sleep apnea training to your practice is a smart move.

If you would like to learn more about adding dental sleep medicine to your list of services, call or text and schedule a consultation with a team member from DSM Solutions today.

Dental sleep training is an excellent way to further your expertise to patients, and potential ones. While it’s always great to add new products and services, such as CEREC, adding dental sleep medicine for people with obstructive sleep apnea is helping them in more ways than you know.

Snoring and Dental Sleep Medicine

Snoring affects billions of people all over the globe, but it doesn’t have to. While snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, it isn’t always. Not everyone who snores has OSA and benefits from dental sleep medicine.

Solutions such as oral appliance therapy and other types of dental sleep medicine help reduce snoring and in some cases, stop it all together.

When the dental sleep medicine tools from DSM Solutions, you will be able to help everyone in your patient’s lives get a better night’s sleep.

OSA and DSM Solutions

If you follow the DSM Solutions Blog, you will remember that obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a potentially deadly condition.

OSA causes a person to wake up abruptly as many as 30 times every 60 minutes because they cannot breathe. However, there are solutions for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Best of all, with the tools from DSM Solutions you can diagnose and treat mild to moderate sleep apnea.

What is Dental Sleep Training?

Dental sleep training from DSM Solutions is a customized program that teaches you and your team everything about dental sleep medicine.

From oral appliance therapy to other types of dental sleep medicine, you will be helping your patients breathe easier whether they suffer from obstructive sleep apnea or just want to stop snoring.

Conventional Treatments for OSA

CPAP therapy and surgery used to be the only way patients could get any sleep. A CPAP machine forces the throat open with air. The continuous airway pressure device is hooked to a machine, a tube, and a mask that is worn while sleeping.

As you can imagine a CPAP isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. In fact, people with OSA often complain that they are uncomfortable and just too cumbersome to use. So much so that they would rather snore and walk up all the time when they are trying to sleep.

Dental Sleep Training for Your Practice

If you would like to learn more about dental sleep training call and talk to DSM Solutions.

You’ll be helping patients and your practice. Call or text and talk to DSM Solutions today.

Adding services to your menu does more than boost your end of year earnings. When you add services to your dental practice, you are also helping your patients.  Adding cosmetic dentistry services is an excellent add on that existing clients will love. But so is dental sleep training.

Think of it this way, what if you added a service that attracted different patients from a different demographic? What if you took additional training courses to provide your patients with a better way to sleep at night? What if you helped people overcome morning headaches and dry mouth?

You can do all of that and more when you take the plunge and become licensed to diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea with dental sleep training from DSM Solutions.

DSM Solutions for Dental Sleep Training

DSM Solutions is your one stop shop for dental sleep medicine training. You can diagnose your current patient list or new patients who would have never scheduled an appointment. Those are the patients you would never have if you didn’t offer oral appliance therapy and other treatments.

Dental Sleep Training from the Experts

When you sign up for customized dental sleep training from DSM Solutions you will have all the tools you and your team need to diagnose and treat apnea. In the past, the only solution was CPAP therapy and surgery. Thankfully, dental sleep medicine for OSA has changed all of that.

What You’ll Get from DSM Solutions

DSM Solutions offers your entire team virtual and in person training for dental sleep medicine. With customized solutions that include billing, you will be amazed at how many people you will help when you add dental medicine to your list of services.

Dental Sleep Course Covering All Bases

DSM Solutions does more than show you how to custom make an oral appliance. The team from DSM also shows you how to diagnose using the latest OSA diagnostic equipment available. You and your team will also learn how to titrate oral appliances and how to advertise your new service to increase dental flow.

It’s All About Teamwork

It takes a team to implement a new service into a dental practice, especially dental sleep medicine. Every single person who works on your team will have access to the tools from DSM Solutions.

Best of all, everyone on the team will understand diagnosis, treatment and billing, not just the doctor. Because DSM Solutions has built the best relationships in the business with top diagnostic tool distributors, you, your practice, and your patients will reap the rewards as well.

Make a Change for Your Patients and Your Practice

You can change someone’s life and the life of your practice with dental medicine. Call or text and schedule a no obligation consultation with DSM Solutions today.

Dental sleep medicine is just as rewarding for you as it is for the patient. Contact DSM Solutions for more information regarding dental sleep training today.