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Poor Air Quality Could Be Depriving You a Goodnight Sleep

A new scientific body of evidence reports that poor air quality could be robbing you a good night sleep. The study findings that were presented at Walter E. Washington Convention Center indicate that individuals who were exposed to high levels of air pollution were at a greater risk of reporting poor sleep quality as compared to individuals residing in areas free of air pollutants.

Effect of Poor Sleep Quality On Health

Previous studies on air quality have associated air pollution with both heart and breathing systems conditions. According to Dr. Martha E. Billings, the principal investigator of the study, lack of adequate sleep over a long period of time has the potential of degenerating into serious medical conditions.

Where Does The New Finding Leave Us?

Most sleep apnea researchers agree that more robust studies need to be conducted for causal-effect linkage to be established. The DSM Solutions team observe that a correlation study like the one conducted by Dr. Billings can’t zero down on the main mechanism interplays of poor air quality and sleep deprivation. Nevertheless, a number of plausible explanations exist. The lead investigator postulates air pollution irritates the airways and the brain centers that control sleep and breathing patterns. Given that mechanism, we may find air pollution to contribute to sleep apnea. DSM Solutions hope to remain on top of any further studies to continue to support your practice in being the best, most up-to-date sleep apnea dentistry team.