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Dental Sleep Training for Mild to Moderate OSA

If the New Year is your time to services to your menu talk to the team from DSM Solutions. DSM Solutions offers customized dental sleep training for both you and your entire dental practice. You will have everything you need to add a new tab to your website thanks to solutions from DSM.

What is Dental Sleep Medicine?

Follow the DSM Solutions blog and you’ll learn that dental sleep training is a service that helps identify, diagnose, and treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

While this potentially serious disorder is easily controlled with oral appliance therapy and other non-surgical means, not all dental practices have the tools to both diagnose and treat the disorder.

DSM Solutions helps you and your team understand OSA. DSM also shows you how to identify it and treat it.

The Right Tools for Dental Sleep Training

Having the right tools in your box is essential if you want to add oral appliance therapy and dental sleep training to your list of services. Those tools are provided to you by the best in the business. Dr. Steven Greenman.

When Dr. Greenman learned how to treat OSA using oral appliance therapy, he decided to teach others. However, Dr. Greenman took it one-step further offering additional tools such as billing and diagnostic tools and Medicare approval for oral appliance therapy. The customized dental sleep training packages offered by DSM Solutions are like no other available.

Why Dental Sleep Training Adds Value

When you add products and services, you want to add value to your dental practice. The ultimate goal is to make your brand stand out from the rest. When you include dental sleep medicine in your list of services, you are increasing the value of your brand and increasing your dental flow at the same time.

Being able to diagnose and treat OSA brings in additional clients who would not normally seek out your services because they are happy with the dentist that they already have. With that being said, research shows that up to 25 percent of the patients you already treat suffer from OSA.

The Possibilities are Endless

Before you pursue other new products and services avenues talk to a team DSM Solutions. Once you have added dental sleep medicine you will be helping one more person get to sleep.

Call or text for more information regarding dental sleep training with DSM Solutions today.

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