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Best Practices for Sleep Apnea Treatment Plans

Sleep apnea has plagued millions of people over the years, but there is hope. Sleep physicians and dentists are coming together to work collaboratively to create new practices for sleep apnea treatment plans. Skill, licensure, and knowledge are all taken into account about each professional in order to provide the best outcome possible for their patients.

Sleep physicians that are board-certified in sleep medicine are the best profession to be able to diagnose OSA properly. The next step is for a dentist who has been trained in sleep medicine to provide oral appliance therapy to the patient. After this process is done, your dentist will provide a follow up to make sure that the desired effects of the oral treatment took place.

The AADSM has over 3,000 members, dentists that have proven they have the knowledge to excel with dental sleep medicine. The only way that these plans work is by upholding the highest of standards when it comes to their patients’ care. It is imperative to make sure that the physician and dentist you work with have AADSM Dental Sleep Medicine Facility Accreditation to guarantee the best results out of the program.