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Best Practices for an Effective Physician-Dentist Collaboration

When a dentist and sleep physician work together, following clinical guidelines will help the patient get the best outcomes. The following is a list of specific recommendations:

1.) It is best to have obstructive sleep apnea diagnosed by a board-certified sleep physician.

2.) Once the patient has been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, he or she can get oral appliance therapy from a dentist.

3.) The dentist should use a custom-made oral appliance.

4.) The dentist will need to provide oversight in order to make sure that the patient is not having any occlusal changes or side effects. The dentist can also correct these problems.

5.) A sleep physician can perform follow-up tests in order to ensure that the treatment is working.

6.) People who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea are strongly advised to see a dentist and sleep physician on a regular basis.