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An Overview of Sleep Apnea And Its Symptoms

Central and obstructive sleep apnea may have the same symptoms, which it is why it can be difficult to determine which type one has. The symptoms of obstructive and central sleep apnea may include the following:

• Loud snoring
• Waking up with a sore throat or dry mouth
• Irritability
• Morning headache
• Waking up with shortness of breath
• Episodes of breathing cessation
• Excessive daytime sleepiness
• Morning headaches

When to see a Physician

• Your snoring wakes you or your partner up
• You experience shortness of breath
• You stop breathing frequently at night
• You experience daytime drowsiness

Many people do not think that snoring is indicative of anything serious. However, it is important to see your doctor if you experience snoring or breathing cessation at night. You should also talk to your doctor if you have any sleeping problems. Daytime drowsiness may be indicative of sleep apnea or narcolepsy.